Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here it is Wednesday already....

Some days I just can't get over how fast the day flies by.  I'm so excited to share that I have 2 Gen Y friends who are about to take the plunge and join my Stampin' Up Team!  Can you say "Woo Hoo!!!"

Then there's the new release of our digital studio mds2+
I know I'm going to love it and can hardly wait to start teaching myself to use it in ways that I can only imagine.  Just watch this cute little video clip:

I have so many projects that are just begging to be worked on ---- my day job is just draining me of energy the last 4-5 weeks.  But we completed one of our BIG projects last week and I can honestly tell things are not quite as crazy this week.  Thank goodness!

Don't give up on me --- I have classes planned and can hardly wait to get together with you all again soon so we can start working on some fun projects!


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